Juliana Mihaela Nica

About The Author

Juliana Nica is an extraordinary individual whose life journey and passions have shaped her into a remarkable author. Born on Remembrance Day in a small village in Romania, her story begins with a backdrop of historical significance. Her academic pursuits at Petru Maior University, where she obtained a double degree in English and Romanian History, laid the foundation for her deep appreciation of both language and culture.

In 2015, Juliana embarked on a new chapter by relocating to London, where she found her calling as the EAL Lead (English as an Additional Language) at Caterham High School. Her dedication to teaching English to Asylum Seekers, refugees, migrants, and immigrants reflects her compassion, profoundly impacting the lives of those she guides. Juliana’s multilingual abilities, including her current study of Greek and Arabic, exemplify her commitment to fostering understanding among diverse communities. Her passion for travel and love for walks reveal her adventurous spirit. At the same time, her involvement with the NWR, the National Women’s Register, showcases her dedication to forging connections and building a supportive network.

Juliana Nica’s affectionate dedication to her book to her nieces, Daria and Ioana, speaks volumes about her love for family and how they inspire her. Her slight obsession with fountain pens and love for calligraphy adds an artistic flair to her multifaceted personality. Juliana Nica is not just an author; she is a compassionate educator, a polyglot explorer, and a warm-hearted soul whose life experiences enrich her writing and the lives of those she touches.

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